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If you would like to order an individual stamp in Berlin, you have come to the right place. Our service allows you to complete and collect your own stamp on the same day - completely free of charge. For those who prefer something more convenient, we also offer a delivery service that will bring your freshly created stamp directly to you in around 30 minutes, with an additional charge starting at €15. Our extensive range includes different types and sizes, perfect for business or private purposes. We are also pleased to announce that an online shop will soon be available where you can order your stamps quickly and easily from anywhere. Create Stamp Express Now!

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Order stamps online – Free pick up

The ability to order stamps online is revolutionizing the way we personalize and purchase stamps. In our online shop, which will soon be available, you can design your own stamp and order it with just a few clicks.

Whether you want a classic company stamp, a creative teacher stamp or a personalized stamp, our online service makes creating it easy and convenient. You can choose the color, font and design to create a stamp exactly how you want it.

Thanks to our efficient processing processes, your individually designed stamp will be with you quickly - with the delivery option with a small surcharge starting at €15, the stamp will be with you within approx. 30 minutes.

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Stamp factory in Berlin

In our stamp factory we attach great importance to quality and speed. We offer a wide range of stamp products, from corporate stamps to custom embossing stamps.

As a reputable stamp shop, we use only the best materials and latest technologies to create high quality stamps for our customers. Our expert staff is available to provide you with advice and support to ensure your stamp meets your exact requirements.

Your stamp will be completed on the same day and you can collect it free of charge from our store in Berlin or have it delivered to your home for an additional charge of €15 or more.

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Company stamp – suitable for your business!

The company stamp is an indispensable tool in the business world. It gives documents an official touch and strengthens your company's professional image.

At our stamp shop in Berlin you can order your company stamp and design it individually according to your wishes. We offer different models and sizes to ensure your stamp fits your business perfectly. What's more, our service is designed to create your company stamp quickly and efficiently - you can collect it the same day or have it delivered within 30 minutes.

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Stamps personalized – according to your taste!

A personalized stamp is the ideal solution to add a personal touch to your mail, books or business documents.

With us you can design your own stamp by choosing from a variety of designs, fonts and colors. Whether it's a teacher stamp that encourages student motivation or a customized address stamp - we'll make sure you're happy with your stamp.

Use our fast and efficient service to create and receive your personalized stamp today.

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Exclusive embossing stamps – elegance and professionalism

An embossing stamp offers an elegant and professional way to refine documents and paper goods. In our offer you will find a selection of embossing stamps that are suitable for official documents, invitations or as an exclusive gift.

Our embossing stamps are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your individual needs. With our service, you can be sure to receive a high-quality embossing stamp that will highlight your documents and papers in a unique way.

Have your individually designed embossing stamp delivered directly to your home and enjoy the exclusivity it offers.

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What must be on a company stamp?

A company stamp plays an essential role in daily business communication and serves not only to confirm the authenticity of documents, but also as a representative feature of a company. In principle, the company stamp should contain all important information that helps to identify the company and ensure legal validity. This usually includes the company owner, the full company name - as it is entered in the commercial register -, the legal form of the company, the company's headquarters, i.e. the city, street and house number, as well as the registration number under which the company is registered in the commercial register. It is not uncommon for the VAT identification number or tax number to be noted on the stamp to facilitate communication with authorities and business partners.

In addition, the company stamp can contain other elements that emphasize the professionalism and brand identity of the company. These include, for example, the company logo, which serves as a visual symbol of the brand, and the company slogan, which briefly and succinctly conveys the philosophy or main concern of the business. Some companies also choose to include contact information such as phone number, email address or company website on the stamp to increase accessibility and simplify the administrative process. The design and information on the company stamp should always be clear, legible and professional in order to leave a serious impression every time it is used and to adequately represent the brand.

Fast stamp creation – ready in just 5 minutes

In our fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity, especially in business. Our rapid stamp creation service recognises this need and offers an efficient solution that allows you to receive your custom stamp in just five minutes. This service is ideal for business customers who need quick results, whether for immediate use in contracts, proposals or other important business documents. Our modern and sophisticated printing technologies enable us to work precisely and quickly without compromising on quality. We understand that in many cases time is of the essence and have streamlined our process so that we can handle everything from design to finished product quickly and effectively.

In addition to our fast turnaround time, we also offer comprehensive customer service to help you design and select the right stamp. Whether you prefer a simple design or have specific requirements, our team is ready to make your wishes come true and guide you through the entire process. We offer a variety of stamp types and designs to suit different business needs, including logo stamps, date stamps and more. Through our service, you can be assured that you will not only be provided with a quick turnaround, but also with a product of the highest quality that meets your exact specifications.

Your satisfaction is important to us!

See for yourself the quality and speed of our stamp creation service by contacting us the next time you need custom stamps. Experience how our expert team not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Trust in our expertise and be impressed by our reliability and efficiency.

  • Ready in 5 minutes and can be picked up free of charge
  • from 15€ surcharge to you in about 30 minutes
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Friendliness and competence of the service staff

Our stamp creation service features a combination of quality, speed and customer-focused service that sets it apart from other providers. We understand that a stamp is more than just a tool - it is an essential part of your business identity. That's why we rely on high-quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure that every stamp is precise and durable. Our fast turnaround times ensure you receive your stamps exactly when you need them without compromising on quality. Whether you need a quick fix for a standard stamp or are looking for a bespoke solution for specific requirements, we are here to meet your needs.

Our dedicated team offers excellent customer service, guiding you through the entire design and manufacturing process. From initial consultation to final delivery, we work closely with you to ensure your stamp is exactly what you want. We offer flexible design options and are happy to advise you on the best choice for your specific applications, so that the final product is not only functional but also visually appealing.


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Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and transparent estimates so you can plan without surprises. Choose our stamping service for a reliable, efficient and professional solution that worthy represents your company.

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Why create your company stamp with us?

Choose our service if you want to create high-quality stamps tailored exactly to your needs. With us you benefit from the opportunity to have your individual stamp created in just five minutes and picked up immediately free of charge. Perfect for those in a hurry: your order will be ready and ready for pickup the same day. We also offer a delivery service that will bring your stamp directly to your desired address within about 30 minutes, starting at a small additional charge of €15.

By delivery

Enjoy the added convenience of having your order delivered directly to your front door without any detours and a waiting time of around 30 minutes. Benefit now from our fast delivery – starting at just €15.

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Order your individual stamp conveniently online and design it exactly according to your wishes. Use our user-friendly platform to quickly and easily turn your creative ideas into reality.

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Your personal stamp can be completed in just 5 minutes and is ready for you to pick up immediately, free of charge. Experience our efficient service that allows you to have your customized stamp in your hands without a long wait.

Collect for free

Benefit from our option to collect your individually designed stamp directly on site free of charge. Save time and shipping costs by conveniently collecting your customized stamp from us without any additional fees.

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Express delivery – your stamp in 30 minutes

In a world where every second counts, our stamp creation service stands out with our unique express delivery option. For business customers and private individuals in Berlin who urgently need a stamp, we offer lightning-fast 30-minute delivery. This service is perfect for situations where you need to respond quickly to an unexpected business meeting or a sudden contract signing. Our centrally located production location allows us to process and deliver your order promptly. You simply choose your desired stamp design via our user-friendly online platform, and within half an hour the finished stamp will be delivered directly to your desired address in Berlin. Our reliable courier partners ensure that your stamp arrives safely and on time.

In addition, with our express delivery we guarantee not only speed, but also the highest quality. Each stamp is made with the utmost care and precision to ensure the final product meets your expectations. We use only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure clear and lasting marking. This means that despite the quick delivery time, you do not have to forego the longevity and effectiveness of your stamp. Our express delivery option demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service and our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the dynamic needs of our customers in Berlin.


Diverse stamp options for every industry

Our stamping service offers a wide range of stamping options specifically designed to meet the needs of various industries. Whether you work in the legal, education, or healthcare industries, or need a stamp for your small business, we have a solution for you. Our product range includes everything from simple date stamps to complex designed company logo stamps, all made with the utmost precision and from the best materials. This not only ensures longevity and reliability, but also a professional representation of your company or service.

We also customize our stamps to meet the specific needs of your industry. Whether you need repeatable accuracy for administrative tasks or are looking for creative designs for branding, our team is ready to customize your stamp. With our versatile offering, we can ensure that your stamp conveys exactly the message you want to send to your customers, patients or clients. Use our service to increase the efficiency of your work processes while leaving a lasting impression.


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