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Are the heels of your high heels worn out? No worries! The Top Schuhmacherei Berlin is ready to repair your heels and give them a new shine. We offer various repair options including shoe sole repair, fabric shoe repair, climbing shoe repair, shoe heel repair, plastic pin patch, metal pin patch or die cut patch. Our expert cobblers grind the heels flat, apply a matching patch and match the color to the shoe. 

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Canvas shoe repair requires specialized knowledge and skills to get the most out of your footwear. Whether there are tears, wear, or other damage, our experienced shoemakers know exactly how to restore fabric shoes so they look and feel like new.

From careful cleaning to repairing seams to refreshing colors and textures, we take care of every detail so you can wear your favorite shoes for a long time.

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For climbing shoes that need a refresh, we are your experts. Our climbing shoe repair includes everything from restoring rubber soles to repairing seams and replacing Velcro straps.

Trust that your shoes are in the best hands with us, so you can concentrate fully on climbing again

If you need quick help, trust our No.1 shoe repair service Berlin. We are always there for you.

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From worn heels to damaged heels, our shoe repair shop takes care of every detail to give your shoes new life.

With precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials, we ensure that your shoes not only look great again, but also provide the comfort and support you deserve.

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In our sewing workshop, we take care of everything from small repairs to tailor-made adjustments with dedication and precision. Whether it's about mending a tear, reinforcing a seam or creating an individual design - we are your reliable experts for all sewing work.

Trust our experience and craftsmanship to get your clothing and accessories back in top condition.

We process your inquiries around the clock and offer you first-class service.

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In Berlin you will find our Kent Schuster, your reliable expert for shoe repairs and tailor-made adjustments. With years of experience and craftsmanship, we take loving care of your shoes to bring them back to first-class condition.

Whether it's a simple repair, a customization or a professional cleaning, we offer quality services to get you back to enjoying your shoes

Trust Kent Shoe Repair, which has years of experience.

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Can a cobbler repair shoes?

A cobbler is a professional who specializes in repairing and maintaining shoes. This traditional craftsmanship goes back centuries and is still very important today, especially in a fashion-conscious city like Berlin. A professional cobbler can repair a variety of shoe problems, from worn soles and broken heels to cracked leather and loose stitching. By using specialized techniques and tools, the cobbler restores the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your shoes, which is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

In addition, visiting a cobbler in Berlin can offer much more than just a simple repair. Many cobblers in the capital offer personalized services ranging from color refreshes to individual adjustments to orthopedic adjustments. This level of personalization not only improves comfort, but also tailors the shoes specifically to the wearer's needs and style. A good cobbler will also advise on which materials and care instructions are best to ensure the longevity of your shoes. For fashion-conscious Berliners who value quality and individuality, investing in professional shoe repairs is therefore a smart choice that offers both economic and ecological benefits.

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If you are looking for a trustworthy cobbler in Berlin who can expertly repair your shoes, then you have come to the right place. Our experienced professionals use traditional methods combined with modern techniques to bring your shoes back to top condition. Whether it is renewing soles and heels, stitching tears or adjusting the fit, our team is ready to repair your shoes with the utmost care and precision. We understand that every pair of shoes tells a story and we are committed to continuing that story for as long as possible.

In addition to shoe repairs, we also offer comprehensive shoe care advice to ensure your shoes remain in top condition even after the repair. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with tips on how to best care for and protect your shoes. For your convenience, we offer flexible hours and fast, reliable service. Simply contact us using the contact form on our website, by email or by phone to make an appointment or to receive further information. We look forward to welcoming you and your shoes to our store in Berlin and are proud to play our part in preserving your footwear.

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Convince yourself of the quality and speed of our shoe repair service by contacting us the next time you have a shoe problem. Experience how our expert team not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Trust in our expertise and be impressed by our reliability and efficiency.

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Shoe repairs are worthwhile in many cases and can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new shoes. Professional repairs are particularly useful for high-quality or beloved shoes. Often it is our favorite shoes that show signs of wear and tear through regular use. An experienced shoemaker can replace soles, strengthen heels or care for and recondition the leather. A high-quality repair not only restores the shoes to their original shape and comfort, but also significantly extends their lifespan. This not only saves your wallet, but also the environment by producing less waste.

The decision to repair should also take into account whether the costs are proportional to the value of the shoes. For very cheap shoes, the repair costs can exceed the current value, while for more expensive branded shoes it is usually worth having them professionally repaired. A good cobbler can give you an honest assessment of whether a repair makes economic sense.


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In addition, the emotional connection to the pair of shoes should not be underestimated. Many people have shoes that they have worn on special occasions or that were given to them by a loved one. Preserving such shoes through repair also means preserving the memories associated with them.

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Why Kent Shoe Repair Berlin?

Kent Schuster Berlin is your first port of call for professional shoe repairs and individual adjustments in the capital. With a team of experienced craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer high-quality services for the care and maintenance of your shoes. Whether it's repairs, adjustments or special treatments, with us your shoes will receive the attention and care they deserve.

Sewing and mending

In our workshop we offer a variety of sewing jobs, from repairing small holes to adjusting garments. Whether it's your favorite jeans, a bag or a curtain - we'll take care of it.

Widen shoes

Our cobbler offers professional shoe stretching services to give your shoes a perfect fit. Whether you have new shoes that are a bit tight, or your favorite shoes have become a little tighter over time

Non-slip rubber soles

Discover our non-slip rubber soles for shoes that offer you safety and stability on any surface. Our high quality rubber soles are carefully applied to ensure you maximum grip and traction.

Stretching leather shoes

Whether your shoes are too tight or you just want a custom fit, our experienced team uses gentle methods to gently stretch your leather shoes and fit them perfectly to your feet.

Repair fabric shoes

Why shoe repair in Berlin?

Our shoe repair service in Berlin is characterized by a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies, which allows us to offer a wide range of repair services. Our experienced cobblers master both classic repair techniques and innovative processes to breathe new life into your shoes. Whether it's everyday wear and tear or special requirements, our team offers tailor-made solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs. This makes our service an ideal place to go in Berlin when it comes to preserving the longevity and aesthetics of your shoes.

Sustainability is also a priority for us. We use environmentally friendly materials and methods to do good not only for your shoes, but also for the environment. The conscious use of resources is an essential part of our philosophy, which is appreciated by many Berliners who value an environmentally conscious lifestyle. By choosing our shoe repair service, you are not only helping to protect your own shoes, but you are also supporting sustainable consumption. Let the quality of our service convince you and opt for professional, environmentally friendly shoe repairs in Berlin.

We make your shoes shine!

In our shoe repair service in Berlin, we attach great importance to ensuring that your shoes are not only functionally repaired, but also aesthetically enhanced. Using specialised techniques and high-quality care products, we ensure that your shoes look like new after treatment. Whether it's leather polish, colour refreshment or a thorough cleaning - our goal is for you to get your shoes back in the best condition. Our experts work with precision and passion to restore every pair of shoes to their original shine. In addition, we always have a selection of tailor-made care plans available that are specifically designed to maximise the lifespan and beauty of your shoes. Whether classic boots or modern high heels, we guarantee a treatment that is tailored to the specific style and material of your shoes.

In addition, we understand that every shoe and every customer is unique. That's why we offer personalized solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs and wishes. Contact us to find out more about our special treatments and shoe care options. Our customers particularly appreciate the careful advice and the ability to implement special requests. With us you will not only find a repair service, but a comprehensive shoe care service that will exceed your expectations. Trust that your footwear is in the best hands with us. Let us not only repair your shoes, but make them shine so that you leave a lasting impression with every step you take.

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