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Have you locked yourself out? Locksmith costs donÔÇÖt have to be expensive. Your affordable locksmith service
M├╝llerstra├če 159a, 13353 Berlin is there for you around the clock, even in an emergency. Kent Locksmith & Door Opening Berlin is quick & cheap.

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Locksmith Berlin costs
Prices for door opening in Berlin with the door closed

Please inquire about travel costs by telephone. All prices include 19% VAT. Prices may vary in the event of a broken bolt, a defective door lock or significantly more complex work. More professional locksmith - Her Key store nearby

The following payment methods are accepted and more:

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Emergency locksmith service Berlin

We understand that it can happen quickly: the door closes and you are left outside. No panic! Our Berlin emergency locksmith service is available around the clock to help you. We open your door professionally and quickly without leaving any damage Your emergency locksmith service nearbywho is always there for you.

Cheap locksmith service in Berlin

With our affordable locksmith service in Berlin you are in safe hands, regardless of whether you need house keys, apartment keys, mailbox keys, square keys, beard keys, safe keys, cellar keys or car keys. We not only offer key duplication, but also door opening and a variety of other services. 

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Door opening Berlin

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can happen quickly: the door has slammed shut and the key is still inside the house. Or you have an urgent obligation and can't get to your apartment

Copy key Berlin

Do you need an additional key for your home or vehicle? Our locksmith service offers you professional key duplication. We are there for you.


Safety Technology

Your safety is our top priority. In addition to our locksmith services, we also offer professional security technology. Trust in our expertise for perfect security solutions

Burglary damage

A break-in not only leaves behind material traces, but also affects the feeling of security. Our locksmith understands the emotional stress that comes with burglary damage.

Electronic locking systems

Enjoy convenience and modern security. These security options give you control over access to your home

burglary protection

Our locksmith offers comprehensive services to secure your home or business. Through our security consulting, we identify individual weak points and recommend tailor-made solutions

Have you locked yourself out?
We are here for you!

  1. Look for a replacement key
    Before contacting us, please check whether you have a spare key with you or whether you know someone who does. Sometimes this can be a quick fix to regain access to your home or vehicle.

  2. Check alternative access options
    First, try to see if there are other ways to access your property. Maybe you have an open window or another door that isn't locked. Remember that your security is the top priority, so be careful and do not try to break in through unsecured means.

  3. Contact Us
    Locksmith Berlin costs donÔÇÖt have to be expensive! If you cannot find a replacement key or alternative access options do not work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you with your problem. We are available 24/7 and can be on site quickly to give you access to your property again

  4. Stay close!
    Once you have contacted us, please stay close to the affected area so that our specialist staff can quickly find you. Waiting at an agreed meeting point will ensure you are available in case we need further information or need to confirm your arrival.

We understand how frustrating and stressful being locked out can be. It's a situation that no one likes to experience. But don't worry, we are here to help you! At Kent Locksmiths we understand that emergencies like these can arise and we believe that access to professional help should not be expensive. Our goal is to help you quickly and efficiently without putting a strain on your wallet. Just as a reliable locksmith will be there quickly in an emergency to help you with lost or broken vehicle keys, it is important that the administrative aspects of your vehicle ownership run smoothly. An essential step here is vehicle registration. For an uncomplicated and fast service regarding vehicle registration in Berlin, we recommend the services of RegistrationKing vehicle registration Berlin. They offer comprehensive support through every step of the registration process, so you can get on the road quickly and safely, just as you would with a reliably working vehicle key.

For 6 years now we have been working closely with local authorities, including the police, and other companies from different sectors to offer you the best possible support. We also work with other reputable locksmith services such as: Jakob's locksmith service Berlin, XK locksmith service Berlin and Express emergency locksmith service Berlin This partnership allows us to respond quickly to emergency calls and be on site in the shortest possible time. If you've ever found yourself locked out and needed quick help, you know how important it is to have a reliable partner by your side. The situation is similar when it comes to learning to drive: you need a trustworthy and competent driving school. That's why we recommend this for your driving training Asma driving school in Berlin. With their locations in Wittenau, Wei├čensee and Steglitz, they not only offer high-quality training, but also individual support and modern teaching methods. If you are at one Cleaning company in Berlin If you are interested, we recommend SFS Building Cleaning Berlin. If a household appliance is defective or broken then we recommend you Alpha repair service in Berlin

Member of the Berlin District Crafts Association

Be careful of overpriced locksmith Berlin costs. We know that there are many black sheep in the Berlin locksmith industry. Unfortunately, it's easy to take advantage of people's plight when you're locked out. You need a locksmith, otherwise you will no longer be able to enter your apartment. 

It is also important to show you that there is another way. Our key emergency service Berlin covers all districts of Berlin and more. We are on site. There is no platform that offers key services throughout Germany and penetrates the market with Google AdWords advertising. When you call the Kent locksmith service, you are sure that you will receive a call from the Kent locksmith service Berlin. Now #1 emergency key service Berlin ÔÇô on-site service!

We are also members of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts and our locksmith pliers are trained accordingly.

Certificate of registration with the Chamber of Crafts:
Company number: 142534
Name: Necati Tepecik

No. 1 emergency locksmith service in Berlin
Key service Berlin

The cheap locksmith service Berlin is near you and offers one 24/7 emergency locksmith service Berlinto ensure you immediate help in every key situation. We are yours Key emergency service Berlin and we take our customers' concerns very seriously. This constant availability creates trust and security, as we are there to help you with key problems day and night.
No.1 Key Service Berlin ÔÇô Emergency Key Service Berlin

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24/7 emergency key service Berlin

24 hour locksmith service nearby!

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The Kent Locksmith Service offers an emergency locksmith service to ensure customers receive immediate help in acute key situations. No matter the time of day or night, we are ready to ensure you regain access to your home or vehicle quickly - your Kent Locksmith.

Emergency locksmith service nearby

Maximum satisfaction

Cheap locksmith service Berlin!

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Our mission at Kent is your maximum satisfaction. Have keys copied 24/7 and more. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations, because your well-being is our benchmark. From customized solutions to first-class service, we strive to provide you with a completely satisfying experience. Because at Kent it's not just about services - it's about your complete satisfaction.

Security technology Berlin

Trust and security

Safety starts with us!

Everyone can trust!

Your nearby locksmith. In a world full of uncertainty, trust is the key to inner peace. With us you will not only find security solutions, but also a promise: your well-being and protection come first. With reliable services, we create an atmosphere of security so that you can feel safe in any situation.


years of experience

Locksmith Berlin costs donÔÇÖt have to be expensive!

Absolutely right! At our locksmith service in Berlin, we attach great importance to offering affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We strongly believe that locksmith services should be accessible to everyone and therefore strive to offer fair and transparent prices.

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  • Professional & polite
  • 24/7 emergency locksmith service nearby
  • #1 Key Service Berlin
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24 hour emergency locksmith service Berlin

Kent Locksmith & Door Opening Berlin

Call us anytime and we'll take care of the rest! Even at night, on Weekends or public holidays our experts will help you. We get to exactly where our help is needed. We are available for you 24 hours a day. Your key service Berlin -  In all districts of Berlin

We open every door ÔÇô door opening Berlin

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Experience safety and service up close ÔÇô visit us at Kent! Your gateway to tailor-made solutions for key services and security technology. We look forward to welcoming you to our center of innovation, where experience meets modern technologies. Safety starts here ÔÇô visit us and discover how we solve your key situations with expertise and care. Now 24 hour emergency service - 

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a locksmith service cost in Berlin?

Reputable locksmiths in Berlin, like us, offer transparent prices and secure payment methods such as PayPal to set us apart from the ÔÇťblack sheepÔÇŁ of the industry. Our fair rates vary depending on the time of day and day: ÔéČ59,50 for weekdays (09:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.m.), up to ÔéČ150,00 for nighttime assignments on weekends and public holidays. As a company registered with the Chamber of Crafts, we guarantee professionalism and reliability without hidden costs.

What can locksmiths charge?

A reputable locksmith should generally not charge more than 100 euros to open a door that has just been locked. What is important here is transparent pricing without hidden additional costs and, ideally, with secure payment methods.

Who has to pay the locksmith?

In principle, the landlord should commission the locksmith service to avoid unnecessary costs for you. However, if you cannot reach the landlord and there is an emergency, you can call the locksmith yourself. In this case, the landlord is usually obliged to cover the costs.

Can the locksmith open a locked door?

When the locksmith arrives, they should insist that the door be opened without any damage. This is usually possible unless the door was previously locked and the key was lost.

How do I get the door open without a key?

1. Lockpick Set: Try opening the door with a lockpick if you have experience with it.
2. Credit card: You may be able to open a closed door with a credit card.
3. Locksmith: In case of difficulties or to avoid damage, call a trustworthy locksmith.

How long does it take for the locksmith to arrive?

The locksmith is usually on site within 15 to 60 minutes. The Kent locksmith only promises up to 30 minutes. Thanks to our quick response time, we work specifically with the Berlin police.

We open every door - door opening Berlin


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